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Help Save Our Raptors

The American Bald Eagle, the national symbol of the U.S and a federally protected bird once endangered now faces a new threat. Eagles and other birds of prey are dying from lead poisoning at alarming rates. According to The Raptor Center at the College of Veterinary...

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Thoreau Enjoyed Bird Watching Dawn Until Noon, So Can You

People always ask me why I like bird watching. And depending on my mood of the day, my answer varies. A friend came over the other day, and the first thing he said to me was that he liked the intoBirds’ website. That made me happy. We put considerable effort into...

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Lead Poisoning Growing Concern for Birds of Prey

Lead is a metal with no known biologically beneficial role, and its use is nearly eliminated, but yet lead poisoning presents the most significant hazard to wildlife, specifically birds of prey. If you love birds as we do, then you need to be aware of this insidious...

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Black-capped Chickadee is One-half Ounce of Sheer Toughness

Living in the northeast, I appreciate those tough little songbirds that make this their home all year long and cope with the crisp winter weather just like me, the delightful Black-capped Chickadee. My favorite words to describe Black-capped Chickadees are curious,...

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People Who Save Birds are my Hero

Birds are beautiful, enchanting creatures and the people who save them are my heroes. And when I come across an amazing person that gives injured, orphaned, displaced or distressed birds a second chance at life, intoBirds’ way to honor them for their work is to share...

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Results from intoBirds’ Great Backyard Bird Count

IntoBirds was thrilled to take part of the Great Backyard Bird Count last weekend February 16-19 sponsored by our friends at The Cornell Lab, the Audubon Society, and Bird Studies Canada here at our headquarters in Ridgefield, CT. It was a crazy four days of weather...

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Merlin Bird ID Smartphone App IDs Birds in a Snap

Thing I love this week that I can't live without: Merlin Bird ID Smartphone App Technology has its place in the analog hobby of bird watching. Powerful telephoto zoom cameras have replaced binoculars, and now field guides have been made more convenient by their...

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Why Everyone Must Love Owls

I’ve had a few people ask me, why I named my blog Must Love Owls, and what’s my thing with owls? So now is a great time to answer it. Owls are enigmatic. Owls are beautiful, mysterious, intriguing, fierce, spooky and cute. Thanks to Harry Potter’s pet Snowy Owl...

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Proud to be Called a Bird Brain

If someone calls you a bird brain, consider it a compliment. I’ve always been fascinated by bird intelligence and thought some birds, specifically crows, ravens and blue jays had superior cognitive abilities that often exceed that of some humans. And now after reading...

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Wild Kingdom’s Jim Fowler Made Safari Jackets Cool

Growing up in the 70s, I never thought of Sunday night as family TV night. It was Wild Kingdom night. It was the TV show I looked forward to all week. No matter what I was doing, when I heard the show’s opening music and heard “Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom” I would...

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Help Save Bobolinks by Supporting The Bobolink Project

I was in the mood to test my cardio and see some birds and headed to the Drayton Grant Park at Burger Hill in Rhinebeck, NY. The half-mile trail leads uphill through open meadows abounding with birds to a 550-foot hilltop affording panoramic vistas stretching from the...

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A Hangout for Peeps Into Birds

Welcome everyone to intoBirds! My name is Renee, and I’m excited to serve as editor-in-chief of what I hope will become a fabulous online magazine, bird watcher’s community, resource for all things birds and a hangout for peeps into birds. You’re probably wondering...

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