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Birds are Losing Ground and Need Our Help

We’ve lost 2.9 billion breeding adult birds in the U.S. and Canada in less than a single human lifetime.

That’s 1 in 4 birds in the last 50 years.

And it’s not just threatened species that are declining.

Many of our backyard favorites are also losing ground. Cardinals, chickadees, woodpeckers, buntings, swallows, orioles, and hawks. The thought of losing our avian friends is gut-wrenching.

The beautiful Shawangunk Ridge in Ulster County, NY, serves as our backdrop to so many of our outdoor adventures. We’re fortunate that so many bird species call this area home, and others pass through during migration.

Shawangunk Ridge View from Mohonk Preserve
Shawangunk Ridge View from Mohonk Preserve

Giving Back to People Saving Birds and Wildlife

As an eco-conscious website and online shop, we’re committed to preserving birds and wildlife by increasing awareness and inspiring others to coexist with nature.

Now it’s more critical than ever to support organizations that help protect our bird and wildlife species.

Especially wildlife rehabilitators performing the never-ending task of caring for and rehabilitating injured birds and wildlife for release back into the wild.

We’re proud to partner with Christine’s Critters, a nonprofit in Weston, Connecticut, whose mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and release as many injured birds of prey as they can handle.

Often the number of injured birds of prey receiving care and release each year reaches as high as 300.

We sponsor three birds of prey at Christine’s Critters by selling items from our online shop. In addition, our annual sponsorship covers their food and medical care throughout the year.

We want to introduce you to our avian friends.

Higgins, a Northern Saw-whet Owl and survivor of a cat attack (Left). Magma, a red-phase Eastern Screech Owl with a backward wing (Center). Equinox, a female Peregrine Falcon and survivor of a car collision (Right).

intobirds meet our bird friends
Higgins, a Northern Saw-whet Owl. Magma, a red-phase Eastern Screech Owl. Equinox, a Peregrine Falcon.

Protecting Birds and Wildlife Through Art

We profile people inspired by birds and share stories about birds on our website to increase awareness. And run an online shop selling handmade items inspired by vintage-style designs of birds and nature.

The details of our beautiful birds and wildlife are meticulously recreated and cast in wood to create writing journals and kindling cards. Each handcrafted piece is as unique as the bird it represents.

We donate 25% of the proceeds from our shop to organizations protecting birds and wildlife.

When you purchase products from our shop, you’re helping to save birds and wildlife.

Thanks for joining us on our journey, and thanks in advance for supporting our mission.


Bird and Wildlife Organizations We Support

Audubon Society of Rhode Island

Catskill Animal Sanctuary

Christine’s Critters

Connecticut Audubon Society

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Grassland Bird Trust

Mohonk Preserve

Peregrine Fund

Raptors Are The Solution (RATS)

Wild Bird Fund

Woodstock Farm Sanctuary

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Meet the intoBirds Team

Renee Hewitt of intoBirds

Reneé Hewitt

Nature Advocate


Renée became a nature buff and an animal activist when she was 5 year’s old, and since then her passion for ‘saving the world’ grew.

When not exploring nature, taking photos of animals and birds, or writing about birds, Renée is a PR consultant, writer and content strategist and runs Hewitt PR and Content Marketing.

She lives in beautiful Hudson Valley in NY with her two beautiful Maine Coon cats, Sonja and Arya.

intobirds dan

Daniel Samperi

Animal Activist



Dan has loved nature as long as he can remember.

Going to zoos and seeing exotic animals occupied his time until he was old enough to have his own pet “dinosaurs” – two iguanas named Frisco and Malaki.

After a successful career as a photographer and videographer, Dan now lives in the Hudson Valley.

Dan is a vegan and animal activist and proudly supports the Catskill Animal Sanctuary in Saugerties, NY.

When not exploring nature or hiking, Dan enjoys woodworking and tinkering with new tools.

Sonja Coon

Official intoBirds Mascot
Brand Ambassador



A lavishly pampered female blue-smoke gray Maine Coon.

Sonja enjoys several hobbies, including riding her skateboard, competitive yawning, dabbling in cat stand-up comedy, attending box pawties with her online friends and celebrating Caturdays.

Her profession is bird watching.