a hangout for peeps into birds


intoBirds Advocates, Educates and Fundraises to Save Birds and Wildlife

intoBirds is based in Rosendale, NY and was founded in 2017.

We combine science, learning, and advocacy to advance bird and nature conservation throughout the world.

As an online magazine, community, and resource for all things birds, we share stories about remarkable people inspired by birds.

And enjoy using photography for capturing birds in the moment and sharing our stories.

Into Birds. A hangout for peeps into birds. Online magazine discovering and telling stories about remarkable people inspired by birds.

intoBirds Advocates for Birds

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intoBirds donates to bird and wildlife organizations we support for every item sold.

 So when you buy one of our products you are helping to advocate for and help save birds and wildlife!

We’re proud to support these incredible bird and wildlife organizations and not-for-profits.

Audubon Society of Rhode Island
Catskill Animal Sanctuary
Christine’s Critters
Connecticut Audubon Society
Cornell Lab of Ornithology
Feminist Bird Club of NYC
Grassland Bird Trust

Mohonk Preserve
Peregrine Fund
Raptors Are The Solution (RATS)
Wild Bird Fund
Woodstock Farm Sanctuary

intoBirds’ Mission

Our mission is simple: To advocate, educate and fundraise to save birds and wildlife from extinction.

Join us on our journey.

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Meet the intoBirds Team

Renee Hewitt of intoBirds

Reneé Hewitt

Nature Advocate


Renée became a nature buff and an animal activist when she was 5 year’s old, and since then her passion for ‘saving the world’ grew.

She proudly supports the following organizations:

  • Animal Welfare Institute
  • Audubon Greenwich
  • BirdLife International
  • The Bobolink Project
  • Catherine Violet Hubbard Animal Sanctuary
  • Christine’s Critters
  • Cornell Lab of Ornithology
  • Get the Lead Out
  • National Audubon Society
  • The Peregrine Fund
  • Project SNOWstorm,
  • The Woodstock Farm Sanctuary
  • Raptors Are The Solution (RATS)

When not exploring nature, taking photos of animals and birds or writing about birds, you can catch Renée on the comedy circuit in NY, NJ and CT.

As a stand-up comedian she works birds into her comedy sets.

Renée is a PR and marketing consultant and runs Hewitt PR and Content Marketing.

She lives in Connecticut with her two beautiful Maine Coon cats, Sonja and Arya.

Daniel Samperi

Animal Activist



Dan has loved nature as long as he can remember.

Going to zoos and seeing exotic animals occupied his time until he was old enough to have his own pet “dinosaurs” – two iguanas named Frisco and Malaki.

After a successful career as a professional photographer and videographer, Dan now lives in the Hudson Valley.

Dan is a vegan and animal activist and proudly supports the Catskill Animal Sanctuary in Saugerties, NY.

When not exploring nature or hiking, Dan enjoys woodworking and tinkering with Festool toys or binge watching episodes of Games of Thrones.

Sonja Coon

Official intoBirds Mascot
Brand Ambassador



A lavishly pampered female blue-smoke gray Maine Coon.

Sonja enjoys several hobbies, including riding her skateboard, competitive yawning, dabbling in cat stand-up comedy, attending box pawties with her online friends and celebrating Caturdays.

Her profession is bird watching.