Passion Inspires Connecticut Artist to Paint Incredible Owl Series

Artists Captures Heart and Soul of Each Owl

Philips Marsh’ by Karen Kent (36” x 60” acrylic)
Philips Marsh’ by Karen Kent (36” x 60” acrylic)
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There is nothing more rewarding than asking someone about what fuels their passion in life.

Passion is a feeling of intense enthusiasm towards something. It’s that fire that burns within.

Passion is what drives me to fill the pages of intoBirds with engaging stories about birds and people who are inspired by birds as much I am.

So when I come across a person with a deep passion, when it involves birds and especially owls, I enjoy talking with them.

And I enjoy introducing these amazing people to others.

I’m inspired by Karen Kent’s passion.

Kent paint owls in her studio on a picturesque location on her property
Kent paint owls in her studio on a picturesque location on her property

Pursuing Her Passion

When the universal forces spoke, Karen, a former interior designer from Fairfield, Connecticut, stopped designing because she felt creatively stifled to pursue her passion: painting.

Not just painting. She paints the most beautiful owls that I’ve ever seen.

And these beautiful owls are painted by the hand of a person who told me if I asked her to hold an owl, she’d be scared to death.

She doesn’t know what kinds of owls she’s painting.

But Karen doesn’t need to know because she captures the heart and soul of each owl.

‘Henry’ by Karen Kent (12” x 16” oil)
‘Henry’ by Karen Kent (12” x 16” oil)

Owls Name Themselves

And when she paints owls, they come alive to name themselves with each brush stroke.

Ernesto. Grace. Hugh. Maurice. Sally. Glo and Herb. Poindexter. Christoper. Bryce. Joia. Henry.

Just to name a few.

What’s even more incredible is her reason for painting owls.

She’s painted 35 to date and counting.

‘Claire’ by Karen Kent (24” x 36” mixed media)
‘Claire’ by Karen Kent (24” x 36” mixed media)

Read Karen Kent’s Story and Be Inspired

I don’t want to give away too many details about this story. You need to read it for yourself.

Hop over to our profile about Karen Kent and her majestic owls here.

It will inspire you to do something you’re passionate about, and that’s a great thing.

Now get outside and enjoy seeing birds.



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