Beautiful Indigo Bunting Arrives in Virginia

Photo by @thebirdingchica

Beautiful Indigo Bunting arrives in Lake Fairfax Park, Virginia captured by @thebirdingchica
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Beautiful Indigo Bunting arrives at Lake Fairfax Park in Virginia from Central America and was captured by @thebirdingchica.


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    • Hi Lisa. The Indigo Bunting was not captured, like put in a cage. We are using the word ‘capture’ as a term for photograph. Other types of beautiful buntings you can find in Virginia are Indigo Buntings (one of our favs!), Painted Buntings, and Lazuli Buntings.

  1. We always have one in Waynesboro, VA. Just spotted him tonight. Third sighting this season.

    • Hi Susan. Congratulations on spotting these beauties. We often hear them before we see them. Their song is a bright and lively whistle of high-pitched notes sounding like “what! what! where? where? see it! see it!”

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