One of our favorite peeps who are intoBirds you need to follow on Instagram

Heff Stoppe @heffstoppe

Heffe Stoppe is a photographer turned nature loverWe love Heff’s bird photos that he churns out at a rapid pace every day.

A photographer turned nature lover, Heff’s bird shots are gorgeous – especially his in-flight photos and his imagery is laced with humorous captions as well.

Be sure to check out Heff’s Instagram feed, and he’ll quickly become one of your favorite people to follow.


Cooper's hawk takes flight

Cooper’s Hawk by @heffstoppe


Bald Eagle soars in flight

Bald Eagle by @heffstoppe


Northern Flickert takes flight

Northern Flicker by @heffstoppe


Northern Harrier on the prowl for prey

Northern harrier by @heffstoppe