Hummingbird Feeder Full of Pesky Ants? Here’s A Fix

Answer to Ant Woes is Easy-to-Use, Safe, Non-Toxic, and Looks Great in Your Backyard

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It’s frustrating putting out your hummingbird feeder to attract small flying jewels to your backyard only to find it quickly overrun by ants.

Ants steal the nectar, and contaminate it, which discourages hummingbirds from using that feeder.

If you watch hummingbirds at your feeder, you’ll notice that the birds quickly fly away as soon as an ant appears.

Can you blame them?

Even though hummingbirds eat insects, they don’t eat ants.

Stopping Ant Invasions at Your Hummingbird Feeder

After trying several products claiming to stop ants from invading our nectar feeders, we’re happy to finally find a solution.

All the ants on our hummingbird feeders are gone thanks to the Skinny Ant Moat.

The Skinny Ant Moat keeps stop ants from invading your hummingbird feeder

Ants are attracted to the same sugar nectar that hummingbirds like.

They’re persistent in climbing hooks, chains, and poles to reach a nectar feeder, but they can’t cross a water barrier.

The Skinny Ant Moat offers the perfect solution and is simple to use.

Fill up the copper cup halfway with water.

Use the water to coat both the inside and outside of the cup and hang it on your feeder.

The Skinny Ant Moat prevents ants from crawling down your hanger to the feeder reaching the nectar.

Water in the hooks moat makes the surface slick so they can’t get a solid footing, and the deeper water inside the cup collects any ants that fall down.

Ruby-throated Hummingbird enjoying fresh nectar at the hummingbird feeder thanks to the Skinny Ant Moat

Safe and Natural Way to Stop Ants

We love that the Skinny Ant Moat is a natural ant deterrent and safe for kids, pets, and most of all, our tiny hummingbirds.

It’s made of durable copper, so it looks good in your backyard bird sanctuary.

After trying so many products that let us down, we’re happy with our Skinny Ant Moat.

And the birds love it too.

Besides giving our hummingbirds clean nectar, we have a juvenile Tufted Titmouse that stops by several times a day and drinks out of the cup.

Tufted Titmouse stop by several times a day drinking from the copper cup

Make you hummingbirds love you by using the Skinny Ant Moat.

Purchase a Skinny Ant Moat direct from its creator and help support their small family business here.

Please note: after a series of failures with other products, we purchased the Skinny Ant Moat, and it worked, so we wanted to share it with our readers.


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