Washington Football Team Fumbles on New Name That Should Be for the Birds

Sports Teams and Birds are the Perfect Fit

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The Washington, D.C. professional football team today announced their new name, and since I’m into birds, I think they fumbled on this one, not naming the team for a bird.

The new Washington Football Team name is like a flagrant foul.

Sorry Washington fans.

What’s in a Name

I’ve read all the suggestions, and it seems like everyone agrees the name needs to project strength, courage, and honor since D.C. is home base for important symbols of America.

The name should embody presidents, three branches of the U.S. government, 174 foreign nations embassies, the U.S. capitol, military generals, the pentagon, the U.S. Military, historical monuments, and famous museums, like the Smithsonian Institute.

Many sports teams choose birds as their names, and here are just a few.

Baltimore Orioles.

Pittsburgh Penguins.

Baltimore Ravens.

St. Louis Cardinals.

Philadelphia Eagles.

Seattle Seahawks.

Atlanta Falcons.

There’s always room for another sports team named after a bird.

Washington Football Team’s Choices

A potential name replacement being kicked around is the Washington Red Tails in honor of the Tuskegee Airmen, the first Black aviators, and bomber crews in the 477th Bombardment Group in the U.S. Air Corps.

The nickname “Red Tails” hails from the color of the tails of the Tuskegee Airmen’s planes painted in red for identification purposes.

This name keeps the team’s burgundy and gold color scheme intact and gives the team a thoughtful, progressive name that many people can get behind.

I love the thought of the team being named the Red Tails.

But remember, I’m into birds, so I have another suggestion.

Naming the Team for a Bird

The Washington football team should be named the Washington Red-tailed Hawks.

These beautiful, fierce raptors are common in D.C. and are a perfect choice for comparing their reddish-brown coloring to Washington’s current burgundy color scheme.

Red-tailed Hawks embody all the attributes a Washington, D.C. sports team name should have: strength, courage, and honor

Red-Tails Hawks have a fearsome call. Or should I say scream?

A hoarse, screaming kee-eeeee-arr lasting 2-3 seconds while soaring.

These raptors have such a powerful, iconic scream that they have the distinction of serving as voice over birds for Bald Eagles.

Nearly every time a Bald Eagle is shown on screen in a movie or commercial, you hear a Red-tailed Hawk scream.

Why replace an eagle call with a hawk’s?

Red-tailed Hawk sound much more impressive than a Bald Eagle does.

The Red-tailed Hawk’ s reddish-brown coloring matches Washington’s current burgundy color scheme

The Symbolism of Red-tailed Hawks

The fierce birds symbolize strength, power, and freedom, fitting for a proud organization around since 1932.

And most importantly, Red-tailed Hawks have significant meaning to Native Americans, which is a great way to honor them.

That seems like a fair tradeoff. A new name that’s inspirational to so many.

Think what their helmet could look like with a fierce Red-tailed hawk emblazed on it.

The sharp talons extended, and that aggressive stare. I can picture the helmet now.

And the rusty red uniforms with gold accents.

I can only dream.

Washington Football Team Fumbles on Name

So as much as I love honoring the Tuskegee Airmen with the name Washington Red Tails.

It’s a tough choice, but the Washington Red-tailed Hawks get my vote.

What do you think of the team’s new name? Is there a bird you think that would make for the perfect Washington, D.C. football team mascot?


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