Jimbot Captures the Magic of Birds with a Paintbrush

Jimbot Captures Magic of Birds in a Fun, Playful and Creative Way

James ‘Jimbot’ Demski Captures the Magic of Birds with a Paintbrush
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Harry Potter has a wand, and James ‘Jimbot’ Demski has a paintbrush.

And with it, he creates magic.

Treasures by Jimbot
Treasures by Jimbot
Boston Terrier by Jimbot
Boston Terrier by Jimbot

Jimbot has a gift for capturing the magic of birds in a fun, playful and creative way.

He lives in Milwaukee, WI with his wife, daughter, two dogs and possibly a captive robot he keeps in his basement.

I first discovered Jimbot’s work in 2015 at the Rotofugi Gallery for his show ‘Birds and the Bots.’

He quickly became one of my favorite artists.

You can see all of Jimbot’s works from The Rotofugi Gallery exhibit here.

I enjoyed his artwork so much and could not settle on just one piece, so I bought three pieces from this show.

What I enjoy most about Jimbot’s work is the way he cleverly works robots into his art to illustrate how a robot would experience encountering nature for the first time.

And how nature and technology can exist in peaceful harmony.

He masterfully uses stencil, numbers, pencil, and ink to add to his artistic narrative.

Jimbot’s choice of bird subjects, Chickadees, House Wrens, and Cardinals are among some of my favorite birds

Chickadee Plans by Jimbot
Chickadee Plans by Jimbot

I enjoy Jimbot’s work, and I was excited to feature him as the first artist profile on intoBirds.

Check out our Q&A with Jimbot in Features under the people Category.

Learn more about his inspiration for using birds and bots in his artwork and find out which artwork he’s created is his favorite. (I’m proud to say, I own his favorite piece!)

Read our feature about James ‘Jimbot” Demski and his amazing artwork here.


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