Careful What You Say. The Songbirds Understand You

Besides Being Adorable, Songbirds Get You!

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All those times you get the feeling your backyard songbirds understand you when you “talk” to them, well, you were right.

Imagine the delight when we shared this interesting factoid with our Facebook Groups.

It confirms what so many people already were thinking about their backyard feather friends.

Research by University of Alberta scientists shows that Black-capped Chickadees and other songbirds understand how others feel through different vocalizations.

That’s right. Besides being adorable, your backyard birds get you.

Next time you’re outside feeding your songbirds, be careful about what you say

Songbirds and Humans Understand Other Species

Researchers discovered both humans and Black-capped Chickadees identify arousal levels in other species.

A songbird can understand the call of distress of different birds when they are in the presence of a predator, like an owl or a hawk. Or if your friend scares you and you scream.

Now when you listen for their appreciate “dee” calls after putting seed in their feeders, you’ll wonder just what they’re trying to tell you as they take a seed, one at a time, and quickly whisk themselves away to hide them into bark crevices.

So next time you’re outside feeding your birds, be careful about what you say.

The birds understand you.


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