Video – Gray Catbird Rust Butt Mewing Like a Cat

Gray Catbird is the Cat’s Meow of Birds

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The Gray Catbird rust butt is the cat’s meow of birds because their most common call sound is a raspy mew like a cat.

We name our backyard Catbird Luigi, and he returns each year from winter migration, bringing his flock of catbirds.

Gray Catbird Rust Butt Color Pattern

The Catbird is smaller than the Mockingbird and darker with a deep gray color, black cap, and no white markings.

And if you look long enough, you’ll see a flash of rusty red feathers beneath its tail as it flits between low branches.

Catbirds are nicknamed rust butts because they have a distinct rust-colored patch beneath their tail.

The Catbird is common throughout much of the U.S. and Southern Canada during the nesting season.



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