Video – Mourning Doves are True Love Birds

Love Doves…That’s Amore

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Mourning Doves are true love birds.

They mate for life and are very affectionate to each other.

That’s amore!

True Love Birds

You can watch these love birds cuddle on branches and give their mate rapid light pecks around the neck and head while slightly shaking their wings.

It’s a pleasure watching how attentive they are to each other. 

Mourning Doves preen each other’s feathers, have little birds chats together, and keep a watchful eye over each other. 

Morning Doves as Parents

Once their little ones arrive, the affection Male and female Mourning Doves show to each other they share with their chicks.

These true love birds work together to feed their new babies “crop milk” or “pigeon milk” for the first few days of their life. It’s rich in protein and fat and resembles cottage cheese. It’s secreted by the adults’ crop lining and is regurgitated to the little ones.

Weaning is fast by the fourth day of life, the diet starts to segue to seeds, and by two weeks, the youngsters are nearly fledged.

Mourning Doves and their chicks…that’s amore! ♥️


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  1. I love my birds. I keep them happy. Thank you for your informative column. I will look fo it.

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