Barn Swallow Fledglings That Look Like Grumpy Old Men

Photo by @sweetbriarnaturecenter

barn swallow fledglings by@sweetbriarnaturecenter intobirds
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Barn Swallow fledglings that look like grumpy old men captured by @sweetbriarnaturecenter at their nature center in Smithtown, NY.

Barn Swallows are aerial insectivores or birds that catch insects in flight.

Flies make up the majority of the Barn Swallows diet, along with beetles, bees, wasps, ants, butterflies, moths, and other flying insects.

Barn Swallows take large, single insects rather than feeding on swarms of smaller prey.

To attract Barn Swallows to your bird feeders, put out grit and small pebbles, or eggshells, and oyster shells to help the birds digest insects or add needed calcium to their diet.

Sweet Briar Nature Center plans to move the Barn Swallow fledglings into a larger cage to practice catching insects while flying.


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