How to Help Backyard Birds Beat the Heat

Tips for Turning Your Yard into a Bird Oasis

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When the sun is blazing, it’s not just us humans who need ways to cool off. Backyard birds can benefit from a refreshing spot to stay hydrated and beat the heat.

Here are some tips to turn your yard into a bird oasis.

Provide Extra Water

Adding multiple birdbaths to your yard and refreshing the water several every few hours is a great way to help birds cool down. Don’t worry if you can’t find a suitable birdbath or fountain. Anything that holds water can be a birdbath.

We use plastic 2” shallow trays from our local HomeGoods as birdbaths. Another trick is cutting the bottoms off 5-gallon water jugs. You’re upcycling and helping nature.

Make Bird Ice Pops

Freeze water in a plastic dish overnight and add a large block of ice to the birdbath early in the morning to keep the water cooler. The ice also helps reduce algae growth to keep the bath cleaner longer to minimize insects.

Move Feeders to Shady Areas

Positioning feeders under branches or near shrubs in shady areas help keep birds out of the sun and the seed cooler to slow spoilage. Check your birdseed regularly for mold or mildew.

Keep Bird Feeders Full

Birds are less stressed and don’t have to work as hard, knowing they can access convenient meals. Fill bird feeders early in the morning and again before sunset.

Provide a Safe Refuge

Keep your yard quiet and free of pets, children, and disruptive activities like lawn mowing or other chores to provide birds with a peaceful, stress-free sanctuary to cool off.

In the comments below, share your tips for helping backyard birds beat the heat.

Stay cool out there!

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