Birds are beautiful, enchanting creatures and the people who save them are my heroes.

And when I come across an amazing person that gives injured, orphaned, displaced or distressed birds a second chance at life, intoBirds’ way to honor them for their work is to share their story with the world.

We were fortunate to come across just this person.

Christine and her falconry bird, a Red-tailed Hawk named Theron

Christine and her falconry bird, a Red-tailed Hawk named Theron

My Hero

Christine Peyreigne, a young female falconer who is also a wildlife rehabilitator.

And she’s my hero.

And she has an amazing gift to nurture nature.

She uses her own money to operate Christine’s Critters Inc. a Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education non-profit in West, Connecticut.

And she cares for 15 beautiful resident birds of prey, including my absolute favorite, owls.

As well as 40 reptiles and more than 100 birds that receive care and are released back into the wild.

Barred Owl Gets A Second Chance

Over the weekend I was thrilled to see Christine cared for a male Barred Owl that flew into a window just two days earlier and was returned home so that he could reunite with his mate.

It’s breeding season for owls in Connecticut, and the best part of what Christine and wildlife rehabilitators do is helping birds get a second chance at life in the wild.

I don’t want to give too much away as we have a terrific feature about Christine you have to read.

Christine has a natural ability to nurture nature

Christine has a natural ability to nurture nature

Meet the Young Falconer and Her Birds of Prey

Learn more about what it’s like to be a female falconer.

The joy of injured birds of prey and rehabilitate them for release back into the wild.

See what’s it’s like to hunt with a Red-tailed Hawk.

And learn more about each of Christine’s amazing critters and more.

If you love birds of prey, we got them all for you.

From the largest, a majestic Bald Eagle to the smallest, a tiny Northern Saw-whet Owl.

Christine’s Birds of Prey Will Delight

Christine’s birds of prey cast of characters will delight and so will their stories.

Each shares one thing in common: all of them have been harmed by humanity.

These birds aren’t in need of rehabilitation because they injure each other, humanity is to blame for their injuries.

We need to do a better job of coexisting with them.

And for those of us like intoBirds who love birds, we’re lucky to have Christine and her incredible talents to care for these injured birds of prey.

Check out our feature about Christine’s Critters here.

Now get outside and enjoy seeing birds.


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