Video – Hawks Love Drumming

Evan Pritchard, Descendant of Mi’kmaq People Explains the Hawk’s Connection to Drums

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Hawks love drumming. So if you want to attract hawks and eagles to your yard, get a drum.

That’s the advice of Evan Pritchard, a descendant of the Mi’kmaq people and author of the book Bird Medicine – The Sacred Power of Bird Shamanism.

Evan explains the hawk’s connection to drums at the Native American Bird Stories event at the Snyder Estate at the Widow Jane Mine in Rosendale, NY.

Why Hawks Love Drums

His stories are associated with birds that play a central role in local Native American culture, and he details how Native American ceremonies attract hawks and eagles with drumming.

As soon as Evan began singing a hawk welcome song backing it with a rhythmic beat on the drum, the birds react.

The songbirds and woodpeckers scurried around us. A White-throated Sparrow begins to serenade us with a beautiful song, and two Turkey Vultures soar overhead.

Evan Pritchard is the author of several books, including Bird Medicine, Native New Yorkers, and No Word for Time.


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